How to choose filters for indoor and outdoor aquariums

How to choose filters for indoor and outdoor aquariums
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With Petful101.Com, Choosing the right aquarium filter for your home should not be easy for you to play aquarium. If you buy an indoor aquarium or make your own outdoor aquarium and decorate your aquarium, then this article will guide you in choosing the best one.

How to choose filters for indoor and outdoor aquariums

At any time should be equipped with fish tank filter?

You need to take a very important decision while choosing the right filtration system for your aquarium because that not only affects the type and number of aquatic species in the aquarium but also affects the time you spend working. Care and maintenance of the lake. We need to use a water purifier when we want to keep fish pure and fish are always healthy.

The benefits that fish tank filters bring

The filter is responsible for keeping the water clean and minimizing the floating components in the tank (scales and debris of decorations, scraps, stools, fish waste, etc.). Reduces harmful compounds that adversely affect a player’s health. The advantages and disadvantages of the type of filtering machine we have mentioned in the previous article on the type of aquarium filter, you can refer to learn more about this machine.

How to Choose A Indoor Aquarium

How does the filter work?

They mechanically trap the wastes, which can be removed later. Then a few beneficial bacteria convert the harmful toxins in the fish waste to nitrate, which are less harmful. After the installation of the filter, it should be kept idle for a few days, which will help mature the filtration system. Once matured, it is capable of filtering the waste produced by the fish.

Aquatic animals need a water purifier to stay healthy

Fish and aquarium need oxygen-rich environments: Water filters will increase oxygen levels in the aquarium so fish that need more dissolved oxygen will be better off using a filter. You can watch the fish do not need oxygen and exclude the species that you plan to raise.

Types of fish and aquatic organisms that need fresh water: There are many species of fish that need clean water and fewer impurities in water such as Neon, Discus … will need to use the water filter for the tank. You need to find out the characteristics of the fish and aquarium you carefully breed before deciding whether to equip the filter or not.

Choose the right filter for your aquarium

Here are the types of filters commonly used for aquariums, each filter type suitable for different aquariums:

  • Waterfall filter (waterfall filter)
  • Filtration machine (filter using cotton wool)
  • Cartridge filter (filter outside the tank)
  • Bottom filter (bottom filter)
  • Submersible filter (filter in the tank)
  • Filter overflow (combined filtering system)

Select the type of filter for indoor aquarium (glass tank)

For indoor aquariums, you can use all sorts of filters above depending on the size of the aquarium, the needs of the aquarium and the amount of money you can spend.

Select filters based on aquatic species

– If you plan to breed small fish, filtering or filtering is a great option. Small or large tanks can use this type of filter, low price so you can equip immediately without having to think about.

– If you plan to grow large fish, you should use a bottom filter or filter or filter because this filter is more powerful, can absorb and treat fish waste under the bottom of the tank. It is possible to add additional filter run parallel if you want to improve the efficiency of water treatment for large aquariums.

Select filters based on type of aquarium

– Mini fish tank: no need to filter, so small fish easy to live without much oxygen

– Aquariums: filtered water, filtered in the tank, filter or spill filter does not affect the plants

– Aquarium fish, arthritis, big fish: filter, bottom filter, filter or spill filter.

Select a filter based on cost

This is probably the deciding factor when you choose to purchase a filter or any other product. If you prefer to go cheap, filtering or filtering is the right choice. If possible, the filter or spillway filter is best.

How to Choose A Outdoor Aquarium

Select filter type for outdoor aquarium (cement pond)

For outdoor aquariums, the most suitable filter is a tanker because only the large capacity of the new tanker can ensure a large amount of water being filtered out of the aquarium for the most reasonable period. . Can be used in conjunction with artificial waterfalls to create water circulating system in the lake.

Select the filter capacity based on the size of the aquarium

We need to base on the volume of the aquarium to calculate the capacity and flow of water processed per hour of the filter used. The higher the capacity, the greater the flow of water.

For the best filter it is best to treat the flow of water 6 times the size of an aquarium for one hour.

For tankers or external filtration, it is best to treat about 3 times the volume of an aquarium for an hour, because filtering with more filter media ensures more efficient water treatment than other filters.


The advanced and integrated filtration technique has reduced the hassle of changing the water frequently and also demands minimum maintenance. The market is overflowing with a variety of filters, with different functionalities. Thus, selection of the filter should be done after considering the species of fish, the intensity of the filtration needed, area covered, budget, and the habitat needed for the survival of the fishes.

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