How to choose Memory Foam Mattress

How to choose Memory Foam Mattress
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With all that you put into a day that will exhaust you, it is important that when you sleep it is a restful and deep sleep. In order to truly revitalize your body and have the energy you need the following day you should get 7-8 hours of solid and sound sleep. But the length of time is not the only concern about sleep. The quality of your sleep is just as important. With Mattress1000, it will play a role in what type of sleep you are able to enjoy. If you are one who has a high quality mattress of www.communitycounts.us then you probably get a much higher quality of sleep.

Top 10 Tips to choose Memory Foam Mattress

Tips to choose Memory Foam Mattress

You can choose from a variety of mattress types. You can decide to go with a waterbed or an air mattress. Maybe you want an innerspring or possibly a futon. Foam mattresses are a popular choice as well. Memory foam has gained usage among many and the reviews from customers are generally very positive. The extensive technical and influential research that memory foam went through is a good reason for its success on the market.

NASA began the research because the foam was intended to be used in spacecrafts. Because memory foam offers excellent support and reduces impact well it was going to be used to help in space missions. The purpose was for the foam to help reduce the forces that the astronauts tended to face while in space. Since then the foam has been designed for use in everyday mattresses and countless people have found it really assists them in sleeping well and relaxing while doing so.

Choosing a memory foam mattress will be the most difficult part in deciding to purchase one. The varieties available will leave you confused as to what you need. You see an array of composition, quality and price choices. You want a high quality mattress yet you don’t want to spend a fortune to achieve it. So it’s best to remember a few key points as you head out to purchase your memory foam mattress.

There are a few parameters that will be different on each mattress you find. These parameters are:

Weight and Density

This will be what tells you the thickness of the foam you choose. The way that weight and density is determined is by the chemicals that are used to produce the foam. But this will not tell you if the mattress will be firm or hard. The weight and density of the foam is more to give you an idea of how long it will last and the type of support you can expect from it. If you opt for a lower density foam then you can expect sagging and deformity to happen more quickly than with a higher density.

Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) Rating

If you want to know how firm the memory foam mattress will be then this is where you look. This measurement will tell you the deformity of the mattress when a specific amount of weight is applied to it. This rating will be a personal choice based on how firm you prefer your mattress.


You want a mattress that is durable and will last a while. In order to do this it must regain its original shape after use. The resilience will tell you how well it does at this. If it rebounds from an object thrown over it well then that indicates it will regain its shape well and therefore last longer.

Tensile Strength:

This tells you nothing more than how the foam will stretch. Since mattresses tend to not stretch it often isn’t useful. But you could use it to help determine quality of the material.

Once you have used the parameters above to determine the quality of mattress that you would like, you have to then decide on a seller. Using customer reviews is a great way to isolate the sellers that you believe to be the ones that meet your criteria. Be sure you choose one that can deliver quickly and offer the best service. Also require that the seller you choose have a good warranty in place. You do not want the use of your mattress to be a problem. If you choose to go with a less expensive brand you want to make sure the warranty is good. This way if there are problems with the mattress you have a way to get either a replacement or your money back – See more at https://www.communitycounts.us/blog/how-to-sleep-8-hours-in-4-hours/

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