To feel winter in Europe, you should go to Ba Na right now.

To feel winter in Europe, you should go to Ba Na right now.
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From the past to now, we have known winter in Europe with “penetrating cold” through films, other information portals. Of course, anyone also wish to have a time of coming to an unknown area to feel chilling winter here. Your dream will come true when you come to Ba Na Hills – a tiny France city in Da Nang (1)

Lang Phap Tomb

You want to have a trans-province journey to Ba Na – road to fairyland, but you are worried about finding streets, a prestige hotel, risks which you can have on the trip. If you are hesitating about your those fears, you can book bana hill tour 1 day of Quang Da Travel.

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Experiences Europe winter ain Ba Na Hills

With desire to bring tourists experiences about Europe winter in Viet Nam, Ba Na Hills is equipped with long cable car system in Guinness, through taking a walk, tourists will immerse in vaporous clouds of mist, occult primeval forest. Journey which takes tourists from lands to top of mountains with an approximate height 1500km is a great time for tourists to enjoy beauty of “paradise in dream” with the cold of luxurious France.

Coming to Ba Na, tourists will have a good time with more 100 free games in Fantasty Park. This idea is from novel “journey to centre of earth” and “sumabrine ten thousands miles”, Fantasty was built specially and it surely bring tourists time to relax with their friends.

you should go to Ba Na right now

In a such cold, tourists can drink a hot cup of coffee with relatives or friends to enjoy ancient beauty of a luxurious Paris in Coffee Pastal.

You can comfortably play interesting games here because this place has 100 different games and these things will help you forget the cold of forest and mountain area. It is so wonderful to enjoy sweet and happy time with your lovers.

After a long day for visiting in Ba Na Hills, night is a time for you to gather , savour a delicious meal with eating and drink style of Asia and Europe at Morin restaurant.

At here, there are special souvenirs which many tourists love and choose as a meaningful present to give relatives, friends. Especially, with a voucher of 30%, tourists can comfortably buy special and original souvenirs.

Besides, your lovers and you can come to and contemplate ancient and romantic beauty of France Village, which has temples, squares, streets designed by Europe style.

Tourists can touch directly the first and unique wax statues of famous people of the world in Viet Nam.

Perfume and beauty of flowers in Le Jardin  D’Amour will make your love more sweet. Without coming to Europe, in Ba Na, you can contemplate villas, squares, wine cellars with classical style.

Your lovers and you will have interesting experiences, all things in trip will make you and that person more close. Therefore, this is a good chance for you to make your love be more wonderful and you should notes these to make a plan!

A Ba Na in dream is waiting you. Don’t wait any time! Let’s take your bags and go right now!

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