7 Steps to plan a perfect trip: Schedule, Preparation, booking flights

7 Steps to plan a perfect trip: Schedule, Preparation, booking flights
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Travel, many people love travelling, going to a new place where they have never been before. Are you a backpacker or a normal tourist who just want to travel in a group? However, you definitely need a detail plan to know what you have to do before travelling. So please take a look at some steps to plan your trip in detail below

Where do you want to go and what is your budget?

Firstly, the most vital thing is that you have to know your destination? What is your dream place where you want to travel to? You should have a list of destination, which you want to visit.Travel Plan

After that, the selection may depend on some conditions, such as

– Your personal hobbies: listen to your heart, what is the right place for you, going to mountains or to the sea, crowded cities or wild places, travel dosmetic or abroad ….

– Your personal finance: most people rely on their hobbies, but in fact the most influent thing that effect your decision is your available budget. How much money you can afford to spend on your trip?

– Other ideas: You can also collect good advices from traveling sites, famous traveler blogger… otherwise, your friends’ suggestions are also very listening.

After deciding destination, you will have a list of details about this place such as: climate, cuisine, available language, culture, security and public traffic.

Travelling time and duration:

generally, summer time is always the best time for holiday trip, most of people spend this time for travelling, one of the main reason is that the student and pupil do not have to go to class.Travelling time and duration

However, on the other side, summer time is also a bad choice because there will be a lot of people, and the price is usually higher than other season. Thus, you can spend traveling time in the autumn in Hanoi, or taking a look at the red leaves in Tokyo, Seoul, the spring in Da Lat or Moc Chau; spending New Year festival in Thailand; the winter festival in Harbin…

Who do you want to spend time with?

A lot of people like to travel alone, however, in my opinion, it is a bad idea, there are always existing struggles and dangers when you do not have any friend follow you. In reality, when you have friends travelling with you, you will never feel bored, you will have somebody to chat with. With the finance aspects, if your budget is not too much, you can share with other people.

Tips: a group of 4 or 8 people will have you save much more money because it will be a full load of a car, an accommodation.

Additionally, when you want to travel the whole family and bring children, we can suggest some places which are full of utilities for children, child care. Some attractive places such as: Ba Na Hill, Nha Trang Vinpearl, Vinpearl Phu Quoc, …

Means of transport and accommodations

After deciding the destination and the number of travelers, the next thing you have to do is that booking flight tickets and accommodation.Means of transport and accommodations

With airline ticket prices, I often recommend you to use the services of https://justfly.vn/ where you can compare and choose the cheapest airfare. In general, the best time to get a cheap flight is to booking 2-3 months before departure.

With accommodation booking: agoda, booking.com, airbnb are the top apps that you should note.

Double check your plan

Please, write down all details in your plan, estimate all feasible cost for each step. Let’s someone check it and give you some advices.

Schedule a plan B

There always exist incidents in your original plan, so it is necessary to prepare a plan B. it will help you feel better if you have some things out of orbit. So, please make you budget larger than the total estimated cost of original plan. It is your money, so you do not have to be worried if you do not use all of them.

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Schedule a plan B

Tips from us

– If you intend to travel abroad, it is useful to learn some basic phrases like hello, thanks, goodbye, or how to ask the way. Always bring your passport together with you. Remember to exchange money before you go abroad (take a credit card with you is always a safe choice).

– Update your new contact information with your family and friends when arriving at the new places. If something goes wrong, they will know how to contact appropriate authorities.

– Purchasing travel insurance.

– Learn some tips about luggage’s.

– Taking some personal medicine but you have to bring the doctor instruction with you, too.

– Check all personal documents, luggage before boarding.

Finally, enjoy the trip, play hard and explore new things, do not let work or other things influent your trip. Wish you have a favorable journey!

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